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Week -9

Active Rest

During this week your body, mind and spirit will have a chance to fully recharge and rise to a new level. 

Work is one of the keys to success, but without rest the overworking/underesting occurs. With that comes losses in strength, endurance, muscle, metabolism, desire, motivation, and many other aspects of health.

At the same time, too much rest will encourage your mind, body and spirit to adapt to the reduced work and stimulus, which will wipe away the progress you have so diligently earned.

Enter the Active Rest Week.

During the is week we will stimulate your mind, body and spirit, but we will not overload it. It will not only give you a "break", it will also allow you to super-compensate to all the work you've completed so far. This means you may be at a higher fitness level next week.

So follow the video below 4-5x this week.

Its also time to reassess your progress to make sure that everything is inline towards your long-term goals.

Homework Assignment 

  • Perform Active Rest Routine

  • Perform Cardio Training 3x this week 30mins (RPE-5)

  • Complete Full Self-Assessment

  • Complete Nutrition Homework each day-Except your Cheat Day!

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