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Week -6

Youthful Hormone Activation (Level-1)


It's time to switch things up once again! To be clear, all the workouts you have completed so far have had a tremendous impact on your hormonal system. However, compared with the other workouts, this workout is a full body sprint!

With this training there will be many benefits, including an even more beneficial effect for increasing youthful hormones.

  • IGF-1

  • Growth Hormone(GH)

  • Endorphins

  • Testosterone

To add to the benefit of these workouts, and spark your metabolism further, we will be incorporating cardio interval training at the end. these cardio sessions will take 20 mins to complete, and they will challenge your fitness even further.

To get the benefit, make sure to keep the RPE where it needs to be.


Now lets begin looking at specific nutrition practices that will impact your workout performance, fat metabolism during your workout, and improve your ability to recover from your workouts.

  • Pre-Workout

    • Caffeine

    • Green Tea

    • HMB

  • Post-Workout

    • High Glycemic Food​(have your cake and eat it two)

    • Protein

Homework Assignment 

  • Perform the warm up procedure 

  • Rotate Workout A and B on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday(i.e., Mon(A), Wed(B), Fri(A), Mon(B)...etc)

  • Perform Interval Cardio after each workout...and cool-down

  • Perform Cardio Training on Tues, Thurs and Sat...30-45mins (RPE-5)

  • Complete Nutrition Homework each day-Except your Cheat Day!

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