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Week -5

Metabolism and Toning Level-3

We're going to increase that workload one more time! The good news is less repetitions on most of the exercises, the challenging news is more resistance.

We measure your workload for a given resistance by using RPE(Rate of Perceived Exertion) 

Scale of 1-10

1=little effort

7=very challenging effort

10=maximum effort 

With this week our RPE will be 7-8, with 12 reps with most exercises.


Keep things cooking, with respect to out consistency, and our joy of making our own meals!

Consistency Tip

Here is some great news! If you've been progressing and getting the weekly successes/goals, you deserve a day off. Having a "Cheat Day" once a week helps your long term success in multiple ways;

  • A weekly treat to strive for

  • A day to rest from planning

  • Your body's response to poor food

    • you may not feel as good as you thought you would having that piece of cake. This may serve to reinforce your great eating habits​

Joy of Cooking and Eating!

In the video below there is a recipe for lunch!

Homework Assignment 

  • Perform the warm up procedure 

  • Perform Workout A on Monday and Thursday

  • Perform Workout B on Tuesday and Friday

  • Perform Cardio Training on Wed and Sat...45mins (RPE 6-7)

  • Complete Nutrition Homework each day-Except your Cheat Day!

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