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Week -3

Metabolism and Toning Level-1

It's time to switch things up! In this phase our goals are to increase your metabolism, create muscle tone and strength and to progress our cardio fitness.

Igniting your Metabolism

Your metabolism will be impacted greatly in these workouts in 4 important ways.

  1. When we train your body in this phase good or youthful hormones will begin to increase and circulate  within. This will increase your body's ability to burn fat all day long, and throughout the night.

  2. The quality of the exercises you will be performing and the training strategies of these workouts will accelerate your ability to burn calories during your workout and hours after you're finished.

  3. Your cardiovascular system will continue to get stronger and more efficient. Your muscles' ability to receive  oxygen and metabolize fat will continue to improve week by week

  4. Your eating habits are helping your body "let go" of fat. With poor eating habits your body's metabolism eventually slows. Conversely effective eating habits increase your metabolic rate(by the thermic effect of food) and frees up fat to be burned as fuel.

Homework Assignment 

  • Perform the warm up procedure 

  • Perform Workout A on Monday and Thursday

  • Perform Workout B on Tuesday and Friday

  • Perform Cardio Training on Wed and Sat...45mins (RPE 6-7)

  • Complete Nutrition Homework each day


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