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Week -10

Muscle Definition Level-1

For our last 3 weeks in this curriculum we be focusing on increasing our muscle cells ability to use fat as fuel. This will challenge you in a new way, and you're ready for that challenge. This workout will increase specific enzymes that improve the efficiency of how fat is moved in to an area of your muscle called the mitochondria.

Though our goals this week are clear and specific to fat metabolism, we want to also maintain the strength and muscle tone we created. So once a week you'll have a routine to help maintain those results.

Homework Assignment 

  • Perform the warm up procedure 

  • Perform Workout A on Monday and Thursday

  • Perform Workout B on Tuesday and Friday

  • Perform Workout C on Saturday

  • Perform Cardio Training on Wed and Sat...45mins (RPE 6-7)

  • Complete Nutrition Homework each day-Except your Cheat Day!

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