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Body Regulation 101


BMSI Training

During this week you'll be building a foundation of fitness, inside and out, with the the first  Body-Mind-Strength Integration(BMSI) workout. You'll begin to build stronger tendons and ligaments,, which will be a key toward reducing joint pain and discomfort, You'll also begin increasing range of motion all over your body as well as core stability. This process will help give greater support to your ankles, knees, hips, spine and neck. All the above will support reducing pain.

You'll also begin learning an important form in our Qigong practice. The 8 Vessel Flow will help you accumulate and feel the innate energy flow within you. Work hard this week and you will feel the difference!

Always, always, Safety First! Do your best with the exercises in the video, but never to bad pain. Bad pain is the pain that can come from joint or over exerting muscles. Good pain is the slow onset of muscle work, and sometimes fatigue. Never push through bad pain. Listen to your body!!

Everyone has a different fitness level they are starting from as well as varying schedules. Below the assignment are suggestions for your training schedule. The time of the day you do the workout is up to you. My suggestion is to plan it out for the week, and make yourself a priority for the time you schedule. You are THE priority!

Assignment for Week 1

 Body-Mind-Strength Integration(BMSI)

 3-5x this week

3x per week(Monday, Wednesday Friday)

4x per week(Mon, Tues, Thurs, Friday)

5x per Week(Mon-Friday)

Remember, Do Your Best!! Next week will challenge you more, so Prepare!!

Supplemental Training

Through this program we will be giving your supplementary material to support your progress and improve your experience. They will cover many areas from spine health to nutrition habits.


The supplemental video below is all about starting of your day by waking up your Superpowers

Perform this on the days that you are not doing your BMSI training session.

For those who are ready, you can perform this in the morning and the BMSI training in the afternoon or evening.

Remember to fill out your simple assessment after your workout daily, whether it is the BMSI or Supplemental Training.


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