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The Power Within

Many will have the opportunity to get involved with a group of friends, online/social media group or even with their work colleagues to create and promote their own version of the popular weight loss/fitness competition shows that are on TV. Some groups will even name their competition after the TV version which will tend to get people even more psyched up to get started!

In my line of work I am seemingly always the bearer of short term bad news. What I mean by that, is that there is a tendency for individuals to seek quick and easy answers to complex issues, especially with regards to fitness and nutrition.

Coaches help you formulate long term solutions, and then create short term goals that stay inline with the long term vision. The objective here is to eventually provide the client with consistent progress, therein creating more confidence, but initially it can feel like bad news, Creating changes in nutrition and exercise habits takes a step by step approach, and that takes time, which can be challenging to our ego and frustration levels. In the situation elucidated in the preceding paragraph, the short-term bad news is as follows...even though individuals have the best of intentions when they pursue weight loss competitions like this, their efforts can easily fall flat. They are making a mistake!!!

I am a constant student of human behavior/performance(as are all good coaches) and given the correct strategies, I am enthralled by what we all are capable of. The use of the "stick and carrot" strategy is meant to encourage people to set an accomplish goals, however, more times than not it leads towards people not only falling short of goals, but reducing confidence, motivation and reversing progress long term. Just to be clear, in the "stick and carrot" strategy, the stick is the pain your willing to endure, as you attempt to reach the carrot, which is the pleasure you are seeking.

At this point your question may be,”Well why does it work so well with the contestants on TV?”

Lets break it down together:

The Carrot(s)-

1. The anticipation of a large cash prize: reduced financial stress, material wants and needs...etc.

2. Potential Endorsement Deals: added monetary benefit after show is over for winners and runners-up

3. Not making a fool of yourself on National TV

4. Short Term Fame

5. Health

6. Pride

7. Job Opportunities

The Stick(s)

1. Abrupt change in lifestyle

2. Dieting

3. Joint pain/Injury

4. Missing family/friends

5. People yelling at you

6. Sharp reduction in Privacy

If you noticed most of the Sticks are temporary, and most of the Carrots can be long term.

Here is the clincher...the ENVIRONMENT! Those who chose to go on the show are put in a position where their job is to essentially workout and eat. They are assessed and monitored by such as nutritionists and doctors. They are able to temporarily dedicate their life to working out 2-3x per day for 2 -3 hours at a time. All of this means is that no one, beside themselves, is pulling them in the opposite direction, everything and everyone is in support of the goal.

My point is that no one would subject themselves for a prolonged period of time to the heavy amounts of physical, mental and social pain for a small amount of weight loss and a gift card to Old Navy. And you can see that once the contest is over the carrot disappears and all the individual feels is the stick. Not exactly the way to encourage long term fitness success.

My tips this week will help conjure up an internal force to be reckoned with. If you do your homework they will create an intense desire that will propel towards your finish line and leave you thirsty for

higher levels of fitness.

Tip#1 Make a Contract with Yourself

Sit down and write down in detail:

1. What you want to achieve

2. Why you NEED to achieve it

3. When you NEED to have it by

4. How you plan to achieve it


  • Times per per week for Strength /Cardio training

  • Assessments/Reassessments(Tracking Progress)

  • Hiring a Coach(See tip#5))

  • Sign and date it and make a copy!!

Tip#2 Don't keep the Contract to Yourself

1. Tell several people about your intentions and show them the contract! Don't be shy, people like to see as people reaching for success, it reminds them to do the same thing.

This is an important step as it will create internal pressure...wait to you feel the effect!!

Tip #3 Cultivate an Environment of Success

1. Create a family activity day if you haven't already

2. Get together with friends for a workout

3. Learn a new activity(Skating, rock climbing...etc)

4. Learn to create meals that satisfy health and taste buds!! (WE HAVE SOME GREAT ONES)

This will help family and friends know that “Healthy” meals can have more taste and pleasure than they may believe. It will also allow you to cook for everyone and not have separate meals than the rest of the family

Tip#4 Set Yourself up to Win!!

Initially you want to make sure you short term goals are manageable enough for you to accomplish with relative ease. Make sure they are inline with the long term goal in your contract. By winning the smaller challenges you will build up more confidence and momentum to so when you come across the big challenges(They'll be there)you'll be ready!

Tip #5 Get Coaching

1. Do not try to reinvent the wheel as it can lead to frustration.

2. Books, and videos cannot see you or access you. Observation is key towards avoiding “Plateaus”

3. Making sure your contract is set up successfully is key, a good coach will help you to set those goals

Find a Coach who is well Qualified

1. Certified(NSCS.ASCM,NASM, ACE)

2. Insured Professionals

3. Experienced in a professional environment

4. Record of safety and success with clientele(testimonials, references)

Contact me for more info!

If you take the time to apply the tips above you will never look at a carrot or stick in the same way again, because you will will have found

The Power Within!!

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