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The Principle of Honesty

Creating, defining, and accomplishing goals is what we do as human beings. It energizes us, gives us razor sharp focus and creates anticipation for the future, Our self-esteem and confidence are rooted in the ability to successfully fulfill these actions, while a perceived lack of ability to do so can bring us to our knees with frustration and sorrow. Indeed how we view ourselves and the world around us is an extension of our innate desire to use our will power to carry out our objectives.

There are areas in our lives where we've felt the ecstatic human experience of success, and that pleasure usually drives us to set out and accomplish more within those lines and others. There are other areas where we have fell short of success,which some people may call “Failing”. This experience can bring up great amounts of pain. It can cause such a suffocating feeling that we want nothing more than to escape it or lessen its intensity. To lessen this painful feeling we often use self-talk like, “It's OK that I didn't follow through again, I came sort of close.” or, “I really didn't want it that bad anyway so its fine”, and “I have other things going on right now so its OK if I fall short of my goal, its no big deal.” These are called "softeners", this type of self-talk can rob you of a very important human experience called learning. Individuals who go down this path of desensitization often do come back to setting a goal, however they don't set the bar as high, lower and their standards. They do this to avoid feeling the same pain they felt before just in case they fall short this time around. It's a natural human tendency to avoid and shy away from short-term discomfort. That being the case, let's get Superhuman!

There is a significant step we must take to secure our victories. It's a challenging step that requires you to put away excessive pride and to be Honest with yourself, but it works!! Setting short/long term goals is not enough, you must have a system of observation to go along with it.

Imagine the early sailors(No GPS!!) who relied on measurements from horizon and celestial bodies to continually plot their course and make adjustments when necessary. They could not see their destination, but with the right tools, continual observation of their path, and a whole bunch of courage they put themselves inline with their goal. If they got off course they didn't view it as a “Failure” but an opportunity to learn and, with the use of science, adjust or revise their plan.

Here are some tools and tips for your own Navigation

For Physique Goals

Tools: Skin Calipers, Weight Scale, Measuring Tape

Used correctly and consistently, the skin calipers will give a measure of the thickness of the skin in certain areas of the body. There are ways of using the skin calipers to estimate your BF% but for our purposes today we will be discussing another way to easily track progress. We will simply obtain the skin thicknesses in specific areas (3-6 places)of your body you can easily access yourself and create your own personal FIN(Fat Index Number). You will simply take the measures (I suggest taking the measurements 2-3x per area to assure consistency) and add them together. Just make sure you keep log of the areas, your measuring, the measurements, and the date/time of day in a logbook. Along with theses measures notate your weight as well.

Some recommendations to get you started: Ladies Tricep(Vertical Fold Halfway down back of arm),

Hip(Crest of Hip),

Thigh (Vertical Fold Halfway down Thigh)


Chest(Halfway between armpit and nipple),

Navel(1 inch to right of Navel)

Thigh(Same as for females) Take these Measurements every 2 Weeks*** Here is how you Interpret the Results

  • The scale goes down and the FIN decreased=Body Fat Down!!!

  • The scale stays the same and FIN decreased=Body Fat Down, Muscle Up!!!

  • The scale goes up and the FIN stays the same=Muscle Up!!

  • The scale goes down and the FIN stays the same=Muscle Down= Yo-Yo Diet Alert!!!!

***Make sure you have a consistent measurement day preferably in the morning. Stay away from excess sodium and make sure you get in plenty of water for 2-3 days before your measurement day as this will ensure that your skin thickness is not effected by water retention. If you spend a lot of time in the heat you may need to increase your sodium and water intake to match what you lose from sweat. For ladies do not conduct measurements if it is that time of the month.

If through this navigational process you discover you are getting closer to your goals, Great! But keep measuring!! Having consistent observation like this pushes you to be HONEST with yourself and the direction your headed in. If you find yourself off track, it does not mean you've failed!!  There is no such thing as "Failure" so long as you're learning from the experiences and correcting your current course of action.

To assure that you are learning and not grinding your wheels get coaching!

Good coaching will help you obviate needless struggle and get you back to the progress you desire. Contact us below!!

When you keep this thorough method of observatlikeion the sailors of old, you're pushed to keep things real, to keep yourself HONEST. When you keep this level of honesty working for you, you'll put yourself inline with one of the greatest human experiences, achieving your success!!

Now that’s a PRINCIPLE to Live by!! Have a Great Day !!

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