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The "Ins" and "Outs" of Strengthening your Immune System

Within our bodies and outside of it, we have a complex and interacting array of structures which work together to provide protection from foreign invaders.

One of the advantages we have as living organisms is the capacity to positively adapt to challenges when adequate, but not overwhelming stress, is placed upon us. When enough stress is placed on our muscles and bones, we get physically stronger over time.

When mental/intellectual struggles present themselves, we have the potential to not only solve those problems, but also to learn and grow smarter because of them. Our immune system can get stronger and smarter as well, and with the right level of stimulation, over time it will respond stronger and faster, providing us greater protection.

Here are a few simple “ingredients” you can add in to your day to level up your Immunity from the inside out.

Moderate Daily Exercise

Among the vast amount of benefits, moderate exercise on a daily basis actually stimulates your immune system and increases its capacity. However strenuous/overloading and voluminous physical training can actually suppress your

immune system for up to 72 hours afterwards. This is due to the buildup of the stress hormone cortisol, which has a negative impact on our immune system.

Emotional Regulation

Managing your emotions has a huge impact on your immune system. Anxiety, anger, fear, frustration, excessive grief and sadness, as well as other negative emotions will increase cortisol levels throughout your day. This will have a quite similar impact on you immune system as overworking yourself physically, as stress and emotional imbalances will compromise your body’s defenses.

Learning effective strategies to strengthen your self-regulation cannot only improve your ability to defend yourself from many diseases, it will also improve your mood, increase energy as well as your ability to Chillax! Further more, your capacity for deeper more restorative sleep will vastly improve.

Developing Effective Nutritional Habits

There is a two-fold benefit to eating well. First, simply consuming wide variety of fresh unprocessed foods, you naturally give your body the material and tools that are critical towards building and maintaining its defense system. Specific nutrients, such as vitamins A, C, E play key roles in protecting your respiratory system and digestive tract. Other nutrients support immune cells (Vit D) and even reduce inflammation (Omega-3 fatty Acids).

Secondly, eating or learning to eat “good carbs”, proteins, fats, fruits, veggies, and consuming water effectively throughout the day helps you maintain adequate blood-sugar levels. This is crucial due to the relationship between low blood-sugar and cortisol levels in the body. So when your blood-sugar drops during the day, your brain function will decrease, your nervous system will be strained (HANGRY!) and cortisol levels will rise!!

Balanced nutrition also means good sources of proteins, as they are the building blocks of our functional body, including important components of our immune system.

Here are some natural products that will support and even

“Level Up” your Immune system


Beta Glucan(Baker’s Yeast)(2)


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