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Strength and Power?

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Letting go of Fear. Letting go of Anger. Letting go of Frustration. Letting go of Regret. Letting go of Narcissism. Letting go of Excessive Pride and Vanity. Letting go of the Perceived Control of Others. Releasing our tight grip and “letting go” is sometimes a much greater strength than holding on to extremely heavy and tumultuous loads that can be present in our lives. Though developing this strength takes time, patience, self-discovery, will and Multidimensional support, it will unveil our capacity to embrace.

Embrace Humility. Embrace Courage. Embrace Gratitude. Embrace Patience. Embrace Tolerance. Embrace Forgiveness. Embrace Understanding. Embrace a strong love from within, which reverberates all around beyond measure… … And that is where our true strength and power are found.

Happiness, joy and freedom will follow.

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