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Be Attentive. Take Hold.

Be attentive to your thoughts.

Thoughts of your environment, thoughts of your past, thoughts of the present and thoughts of your future. Thoughts of the people around you and thoughts of yourself. Your persistent and consistent thoughts will lead to the subtle yet extraordinarily powerful unconscious thoughts. These thoughts become your current default mode, which will have a profound and powerful affect on the emotions you feel throughout each day.

Be attentive to your emotions.

There are some emotions or feelings that create a great deal of balance, energy, joy and fulfillment in your life, in and out of the office. Courage, compassion, sincerity, gratitude, willpower, self-assurance, connection (within ourselves and outwardly), gratitude and appreciation, to name a few. There are other which can create tremendous imbalance when they are felt too much, too often, and too intensely. (Worry, doubt, fear, anger, jealousy, in-security, grief, arrogance, indifference are a few.) These emotions will rob us of the life energy we desire, and the vibration of a voluminous amount of cells in our body will distort, which will lead to tremendous Dis-ease.

Your emotions not only affect how you feel, they can also have a considerable impact on the environment and people surrounding you.

Your emotions also have a powerful influence on your actions.

Be attentive to your actions.

How you talk to others, how you talk to yourself. The choice of taking an action in one area, and taking inaction in another one. How you behave around others, moreover and you treat others.

How you treat others is often times a symptom of how well you treat yourself. Your actions will also unveil your current character, not just what you believe our wish your character was.

Our persistent and consistent actions will align us with a destiny or outcome.

Take hold of your destiny today.

Create persistent and consistent action inline with the destiny or outcome you desire.

Take hold of your actions today.

Your actions will have an impact on the emotions you feel.

Take hold of your emotions today.

Choosing to acknowledge the emotions that give us light and life, the emotions that are naturally in our hearts, will have a tremendous impact on your Outlook and thus your thoughts.

Take hold of your thoughts today because your thoughts and beliefs are the foundation of how well you live.

Create More Health, More Healing, More Energy and Eliminate Pain!

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