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                       Power UP

                                                       Level 1


Power Up is an impactful program designed to elevate your physical, nutritional, and energetic fitness. This in turn will create massive transformation your health, healing, happiness, performance

Level 1 consist of 3 Modules, and each level consists of 3 modules, each with 4 weeks of innovative and enlightening training.

    • Module 1

      • Body Regulation 101 (Fitness and Nutrition)

    • Module 2

      • Breathing Regulation 101(Emotional Regulation)

    • Module 3

      • Thought Regulation 101 (Visualization and Affirmation)


Though each module will focus on specific training, each module utilizes tools in the others.


Always the mantra towards any worthwhile goal. “step by step” and the same Is true here. You’ll slowly begin creating habits with your mind and body, especially when you see changes within side yourself that impact you in an extremely emotional way. An ounce of , a tablespoon of , a dash of and goes a long way towards your progress.

 An Ounce of Commitment

You have a whole many commitments throughout your day, so we want to make this process easy to gain momentum and succeed in. Just by signing up you are making a commitment, a commitment to yourself. Throughout the program take things week by week. Pencil yourself in to your schedule book! Our objective is to make this process easy, effective, and life elevating, and if we work together you’ll see how easy it is to stay committed to the energy and power inside of you.

If you can set aside at minimum, 40mins a day, 5x per week, you’ll feel a great deal of change, even during week#1.

 Please remember that this program is where you are, when you are!

A Tablespoon of Consistency

With our commitment to ourselves established, or unveiled, we now want to create consistency with our actions on a daily basis. The benefit to this is two-fold. First it is a part of what begins forming habits, especially if the actions you take provide a substantive benefit each day. Second, it creates a success cycle that creates momentum towards higher goals and “saturation”.

Think of the process of learning to brush your teeth. We may not remember it the process of creating this habit, because let’s face it, it was more about our parents commitment and consistency!!  Nonetheless we eventually got to a point of practice that the thought of not doing it never crosses our mind. If we happen to slip, we feel it, and other people may smell it! We know the long-term benefits of keeping our teeth and gums healthy, and the consequences of a lack of hygiene as well, but often times it’s the short-term benefits that drive how we perform and hoe consistent we are with certain daily actions. We don’t have to pump ourselves up to brush our teeth each day, it’s just our modus operandi. From there, the long-term benefits are possible.

Another way to describe why consistency is a key toward progress is to relate it to a marinade. You can have the freshest and tastiest ingredients and make them into a dynamite marinade. However, no matter how great the marinade, it will only give a deep taste to food if it has enough time to saturate it. To put it simply, that just takes time. With the training and practices you will learn here, you’ll find that the benefits from them will begin to penetrate every cell of your body, and the affects from that will light up each and every day with health, healing, hope and happiness with very little effort. All that’s needed is time.


Note: Small consistent “touches” with training or practice are more powerful then long but infrequent “holds”

e.q 10mins of lower dan tien breathing 6x per week > 30mins 2x per week


Staying with the schedule for each 4 week module is challenging, however that’s where the greatest benefits come from. Similar to when we first learned to drive a car or motorcycle. Our minds may have been challenged, even overwhelmed with the amount of tools we needed to control, the skills needed to use those tools and the rules of the road, all at the same time! Years later we don’t expend a single calorie thinking about that process as the connection of the physical and mental processes for driving have become 2nd nature. We simply drive. Repetition of the same tasks over and over again is what “drove” those individual thoughtful tasks needed in driving, to a simple and fluid action which required very little thought to perform.

Emotional Content

No matter how much commitment, consistency or persistence we plan to have, the glue that sticks everything together is the emotional content we connect with the actions we take. No matter how beneficial the actions can be, it’s how we feel about ourselves along the way that gives us the fuel to keep driving forward. In this training, emotional content is built in to the program in one respect, however there is a piece that can only be supplied by you. Party Time! Step by step is the motto, but every step is a win, and you need to party down and celebrate! Do we have strong goals for ourselves? Yes, of course, but when the road is fun, freeing, and fulfilling, it gives a dramatically different emotional context to the journey.

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