20 Years of Customer Satisfaction and Success


Stacey Desantos


Thank you for helping me with my weight training and diet plan. You are one of the best trainers I have worked with. Your hard work and dedication to your profession does not go unacknowledged. I truly appreciate all the time you have spent helping me. I am seeing results that I like. I know there  is still room for improvement, You are looked up to by so many people at Planet Fitness. Don’t change your ways …….I look forward to training with you again.   


Jena Schmidt

Thanks for challenging my body and diet (HA!) I’ve learned things that will enable me to stay physically fit and challenged. Your guidance and positive feedback is appreciated. Sometimes I wanted to do things my way. You kept me focused on the right way. I know it took patience helping me learn proper form……

…..the experience has been a boost to my routine. Learning new things has encouraged me to keep going.

Thanks again!


Alison Mahoney

Damien Smith’s commendable rapport and work ethic with his clients makes him a highly recommended personal trainer. I couldn’t thank him enough for what he has done for me personally. I feel more toned, healthy, confident, and happy with my body. I highly recommend Damien Smith enthusiastically and without reservation as a personal trainer.


Rob McGrory

I found Damien to be a true professional and extremely thorough in helping me reach my goals. At age 50 I needed to lose 10 pounds with a bad knee while getting fit for an upcoming soccer event. Damien set up a diet program along with some sport specific weight training and plyometrics. While the sessions were not easy I enjoyed them. I lost 15 pounds while gaining strength and agility with no knee pain.

If you have goals and are interested in a little hard work I am positive Damien will help you achieve them.


Charles Kelley 

This is Charles Kelley. I just wanted to thank you for teaching me the right way to work out, to work out hard, safe, and effective! From strength training, also stretching and yoga type movements. This has helped me get stronger, faster, healthier, and over all a better quality of life. Also how you make sure every rep and every second counts, doing them the right way. Once again I'm stronger, faster, healthier, more length and flexibility. Thank you for making me the best possible athlete I can be, also a healthier overall quality of life. I look forward to keep working with you!!!!! And achieving all my goals.


Jonas Snyder

I started working with Damien 2 months ago and the only regret I have is that I didn’t start sooner. This is easily the best thing I have done for my baseball career. Over not even a two month span Damien helped me put on 15 pounds. With Damien’s help, not only have I become much stronger, but my flexibility has also increased substantially, and my eating habits are much better as well. My bat speed, arm strength and stamina have also increased a lot in the short amount of time since I started working with Damien. If you are serious about baseball and want to take your game to next level, get stronger, or eat and feel healthier there is nobody better to work with than Damien.


Peyton Birch 

Since I started working with Damien, I have seen many improvements in not only pitching but in my overall athletic ability. I started training around early November, which is a little late, and I still have improved greatly in many aspects of my game. I have put a lot of functional mass on my body, and burned excess fat while doing it. I have gained tons of flexibility in my entire body. Damien knew exactly what I needed to work on to become a better pitcher.


       He introduced movements that taught my body how to work the right way on the mound and at the plate. And now, I am able to repeat my mechanics more fluidly and stay strong on the mound. My hips have become violent, which has increased velocity on my fastball and the ball jumps off my bat like never before. Another huge advantage I have gained from Damien is nutrition; my body feels better than ever and I have much more energy throughout the day. I truly believe that working with Damien has put me in a position to have much more longevity, and of course much more success. I can only imagine the gains I will have next offseason when I am able to start training earlier in the year. If you are serious about competing at the next level, there is no better trainer than Damien.

Emmanuel Ocasio

My name is Emmanuel Ocasio. I am 17 years old from Puerto Rico, and I do not know English. I came to train at Full Armor Baseball Academy, and there I met Damien Smith with Force Fitness and Nutrition, who is a Strength and Fitness Coach. He worked with me on my fitness and athleticism. The language barrier was not an issue for him, and he did a great job with me! I’m very happy and satisfied of all the physical changes he has done to my body. Now I am very flexible, have more strength in my arms, my legs are super strong and I have a lot more power hitting…WAOOO!! Damien has done a great job. I feel different than before.


     Damien has an excellent combination of training that works so fast. I began seeing results in one month. He is the best physical trainer I’ve ever seen. Besides being an excellent trainer he’s a nice friendly person, who always gives you advice and supports on all the way through the training procedure. I will always appreciate him and all the excellent work he has done with me.

Thank you for your patience Damien!!


Josh Jacome

 I am very thankful to work with Damien. He helped me become a better player. I worked with Damien approximately six months and I can see and feel the difference it made while working with him. Does some of his exercise hurt? Yea sure it does but it’s for the better of me. If you want to make it to the big leagues this is the guy to go to. While working with Damien, he has had a big impact on the way I play the game and my life. By doing his exercises he gave me, they kept me out of trouble. Damien helped me to hit better and pitch better. He helped me work muscles I didn't even know that existed.


    Working with Damien, He helped push my limits and made me a better athlete overall. If it wasn't for Damien, I would've never played like I've been playing now. Damien helped me understand baseball on a whole new level. Working with Damien made me a lot healthier than I was when I started working with Damien. If you want to up your game to another level, then Damien is the guy to go to. If you don't want to take my word for it, ask everybody else who works with him.


Kevin Montressor

Before I started working with Damien, injuries were a seasonal occurrence. It seemed like I would never be able to play a full season of baseball or Cross Country without getting injured. When I did play, I was focused on outcomes and I often put pressure on myself to perform.


        I started working with Damien for the purposes of improving my baseball skills. However, I learned much more than that. He identified specific areas of my body that were weaker, and noted a lack of range of motion that was contributing to my injuries. Within the first 2 weeks I noticed a difference in my play. I started pitching and hitting better, and I was having more fun. Next, I started working on my mental game and establishing a routine that gave me confidence and prepared me for whatever was going on that day. At that point, my performance really took off. I was finally able to put less pressure on myself to perform, and I felt as if a great burden was lifted off my back. 


        When the baseball season ended in July, I told Damien that I am also a Cross Country runner and would be training for the fall season starting in Late July, at which point he told me that he could also help me with that. That was great because since I had begun my running career 2 years prior, I had noticed I had a lot of talent, but was never able to break through due to nagging injuries each year. Before the season started, Damien put me through some very difficult endurance workouts that I dreaded at the time, but allowed me to reach my goals. After the season started, he would put me through mobility workouts and stretching in between races to make sure I was in the best position possible to stay healthy and run well. He also helped me map out a nutrition plan to make sure that I was taking in enough food to fuel my running and make sure that I would be able to run faster for longer. My previous best 5k time was 19:10. My goal for the season was to run under 18:30. Thanks to Damien, I ran better than I ever dreamed possible setting a new best time at 17:45, while jumping from 22nd to 10th in my league championship race, and from 61st to 26th in the state race. I am very excited to train with him this offseason to improve as an all-around athlete.

        Overall, I am very happy I started working with Damien. Not only have I gotten better as an athlete, I feel more confident and centered in everyday life, I feel like many things I never thought possible can happen. I am confident that if I continue to work with Damien, I will continue to improve in baseball and cross country. 


Dan Hammer

During my offseason training, I felt that I put on functional muscle that lead to my velocity increasing. My velocity is already back to where it was in the peak of my summer season and it is only January. My hip mobility has improved dramatically, and my hamstrings have improved flexibility since working with Damien. My hip mobility training has led to not only my velocity increasing but also the ability for me to consistently repeat my mechanics and effectively throw all of my pitches with maximum velocity and movement, while locating every pitch.      My fastball has already touched 91 mph in January and that will only increase as we get closer to the season, continuing to work on power training and hip mobility training. I feel that I was able to accomplish my goals while working with Damien and now I am able to set higher goals for myself. I am more than ready for my high school season and anything that comes after that, whether it be college or playing professional baseball, all because of the training and discipline that Damien has taught me.

KRICE_110x110_ web.jpg

Kimberly Rice

Damien brings to our work the full, big picture view of positive health. He effectively combines a body-mind-spirit approach to lead me in stress reduction and breath regulation exercises, and address weight issues in a common sense manner. Damien provides guidance to mitigate sources of physical and joint discomfort while equipping me with “homework” assignments during our “off” days. His consistently positive attitude and unparalleled knowledge of body mechanics is among the best I’ve seen. Without hesitation, I recommend Damien and Force Fitness to any individual whom desires to make positive changes to their health and athletic performance.